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Ahmad, Director, daf, tonbak, Vocal

A Kurd from Sanandaj-Kurdistan (Roj-Halat) and life-long musician, Ahmad first embarked on his musical path in his home town of Sanandaj, Kurdistan.
His early efforts under his brother's guidance were fostered by the musical nature of Kurdish community life
At the age of twelve he began formal study of tonbak and daf. Today, Ahmad shares the musical legacy of his native
Kurdistan with audiences in the Pacific Northwest.
Ahmad, a sought after musician in the Seattle area has been invited to play tonbak and daf at numerous cultural events. He has performed on local Public Radio KUOW (2003) & (2006), KBCS, at UW Meany Hall and Town Hall Seattle, Seattle Benaroya Hall.
He has studied the Persian classical singing repertoire called Pish-Radif with Dr. Hossein Omoumi. Ahmad performs and collaborates regularly with other musicians.
You can see more of Ahmad's performances on YouTube
, or follow him on Twitter or listen to some of his improv music with other local musicians here.

Ashley, Tar, Setar,

A native of Washington state, Ashely has been playing tar from the age of five, when he first began exploring the world of classical Persian music. Since then, he has been learning tar primarily under the instruction of Hossein Behroozinia, with a concentration on the musical Radif of Mirza Abdollah. He has done some volunteer work for his community as well, teaching the basics of Persian music to local elementary school students.
In addition to tar, Ashley has also studied setar with Soheil Zolfonun, has played piano for nine years, and has some experience
 on the viola. Ashley reflects on his musical journey.
"Persian music is what has given me the ability to appreciate the diversity and beauty in all music. From its intricate structure to its rich tonalities, Persian music offers so much to those who listen."
Currently, he is graduated in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornel University in New York, joining Kamand when he is able to for performances.